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Cruise Kiev — Odessa — Fetesi

DayLocationExcursion program
1 Kiev Arrival and embarkation. The Ukrainian capital has more than 1,500 years of history. In Ukrainian its name is pronounced as 'Kyiv'. A charming city with splendid architecture, ancient golden domed cathedrals and numerous parks on both sides of the mighty Dnieper River, Kiev is a tourist delight. Captain’s Cocktail is scheduled for today’s eve. Tonight you might want to start spending time on your own in Kiev – since the ship is docked in the closest vicinities of the city center. In the day time it is great to visit famous Andrijiv Descent, where numerous artists and craftsmen offer their works.
2 We’re on city-tour around the fascinating Kiev, and here is the list of sites: the Golden Gate, the remains of a huge wall erected in the 10th century to protect the city; and the Parliament building, situated in a beautiful park. The enormous territory of the city makes it hard at first to find one's way, but luckily there are two helping points – the Dnieper and the Metro. The river crosses the city north to south; the old town is situated on the high right bank, while the new districts occupy the left bank. The old Kiev (the Upper Town today) is known as the "mother of Russ cities." Although the city has changed its face for a modern one, the ancient monuments and the mighty Dnieper are its pearls. Optional tours for today: visit to St. Sophia’s Cathedral - $35 per person; Ukrainian National Choir concert - $35 per person.
3 More opportunities to explore Kiev on your own today. Also, more optional tours are offered: visit to Kiev Monastery of the Caves - $35 per person; Ukrainian National Choir concert in the evening - $35 per person.
4 Sailing, Ukrainian National Day There will be a lot of fun today while we are sailing along the Dnieper enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature. We’re having Ukrainian National Day of the cruise later on today: we’re enjoying the dishes of famous Ukrainian cuisine and Ukrainian language lessons.
5 Zaporozhye The city of Zaporozhye or 'Zaporizhzhya' in Ukrainian is more than 200 years old. Island Khortitsa, the biggest island on the Dnieper, and place related to Cossack history, is the part of the city today. City tour of today includes beautiful city center and several main streets of the place. Cossack Glory museum with exhibits dated to 16-17 centuries is visited afterwards. Attending Cossack Horse Show on Khortitsa Island is offered optionally - $35 per person.
6 Kherson Kherson is located approximately 60 miles from the Black Sea. The city was built in 1778 by the Russian Empress Catherine the Great as a fortress where Cossacks fought against the Tatars and Turks. Shortly after Kherson became the first Russian naval base and shipyard on the Black Sea. Present day city is large ship-building center. After arrival to Kherson we take boat trip to picturesque Dnieper Delta. Having enjoyed the beauty of the nature we dock at small fishing village for a picnic lunch served by local chefs.
7 Odessa Thanks to its old romantic traditions, Odessa is considered to be one of the world's most fascinating cities. The inimitable coloring of the city is sustained not only by the sea, the aroma of the acacia flowers, and velvety summer nights; it is also enhanced by marvelous monuments of 19th-century architecture. Unique in their beauty — the Opera House, the museum of Western and Oriental Art, the museum of Archeology and, of course, the famous Potemkin Staircase — are the symbols of the city’s splendid past and superb present. We're having city tour today. Optional for today there will be a visit to Fine Arts museum - $25 per person, and opera or ballet performance in the evening - $65 per person.
8 This day might be a day at leisure during which you might have a lot of time on your own in Odessa. The willing ones are invited to take optional program Churches of Odessa - $35 per person. Possibly there will be optional bus trip to Belgorod-Dnestrovsky - $55. This historical city is known for its impressive fortress. Since 2014 Belgorod-Dnestrovsky and its district are proclaimed ecologically clean area of Odessa Oblast.
9 Vilkovo, "Ukrainian Venice" This small village really is a pearl of pre-Danube lows. It is located on border with Romania and where the Danube meets the Black Sea. The place is unique as it stands on water – therefore it is often called ‘Ukrainian Venice’. The land that supports the town was artificially built up by man. Instead of the ordinary street roads the blocks are separated by the water channels. The most common transport here is the Ukrainian “gondola” built locally by skilled craftsmen. On the sea coast at the border of Danube and Black Sea there is “0 km” sign, which symbolizes the end of the mighty Danube and beginning the vast Black Sea.

The ship stops at Vilkovo, and after sightseeing around the village wildlife lovers might want to take optional boat trip to Danube Delta - $50 per person. The place is nature reserve with diverse flora and fauna; it is inhabited by more than 240 different bird species among which are pink pelicans, brants, herons. The Danube Delta is great site not only for birdwatchers – the sighs of numerous birds and boundless water are fascinating!

10 Izmail Izmail is a historic city on the Danube River in Odessa Oblast in south-western Ukraine. It is the largest Ukrainian port on the Danube. As such, it is a center of the food processing industry and a popular tourist destination. There exist quite a lot of places of interest in this town including several peculiar museums. Diorama museum is among them. We’ll be visiting this museum during the city tour of today. Farewell Dinner and Crew show and also on schedule.
11 Fetesi Fetesti is a little cozy Romanian town that is famous for the impressive railway bridge crossing the Danube and connecting Fetesti with another Romanian town of Cernavoda. The settlement of Fetești was first mentioned in the year 1528. The place has several interesting monuments dedicated to Romanian railways. Feel free to explore the place on your own! Optional tour to the city of Constanta is scheduled for today - $35,00 per person. Constanta is worth while visiting – the place is the second largest port on the Black Sea. It is also known as ‘capital of Romanian coastline. The place has rich history; it was founded around 600 BC. Constanta is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Romania. Nowadays Constanta is modern cosmopolitan city with lots of historical sights, which, coupled with good location is a guarantee of enduring interest on behalf of travelers from all over the world.
12 Time to disembark and take your own transfer to Bucharest. Please, use the following links to arrange your transfers: https://www.virail.com/train-fetesti-bucharest and https://www.rome2rio.com/s/Fetesti/Bucharest.
Cruise Summary
ShipM/S Dnieper Princess
Junior Suite Boat Deck4,500
DeLuxe Boat Deck4,100
Dedicated SGL Boat Deck3,300
DeLuxe Upper Deck3,700
Dedicated SGL Upper Deck3,000
Twin Standard Upper Deck2,900
Twin Standard Main Deck2,700
Twin Lower Deck2,400
Triple Lower Deck2,300
Port Taxes170
Twin/double cabin for SGL use+50%
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